The Spirit Seeker

Throws Like a Girl Productions is  developing the original tv series “The Spirit Seeker“, based on the feature film screenplay Kyle Bell vs. The Devil, by Matt Scott, winner of NYC’s 48 Hour Film Festival. Ironically, the name of the film he made that was a WINNER six times over, is called ONCE A LOSER.

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Samantha Bell- she'll sniff out the toughest of ghosts, if they're haunting the halls of a two-bedroom colonial or a mid-century duplex w/"curb appeal."

Many fabulous, famous, funny people lent their voices to the project to bring the script to life for the first time. (See pics here)

  • Enjoy this out-take of the brilliant Wally Shawn as Kyle’s therapist Dr. Weinstein from the live reading of the screenplay Kyle Bell vs. The Devil in New York City.

  • Mary Birdsong as Sam Bell, the famous cable ghost hunter (aka “The Spirit Seeker”) and Kyle Bell’s mom.


  • Katty Biscone as Annabelle, the goth girl who desperately wants to be possessed.

Log Line:

A teenage loser – whose mom is a TV ghost hunter – fakes his own demonic possession and becomes a media sensation.

Summary of Movie Plot:

Ever since he was a young boy, Kyle Bell has been his mother Samantha’s sidekick in ghost hunting.  Now an introverted teen, he co-stars on her low-rated TV ghost hunting show on a women’s network.  Growing up chasing the supernatural could make for an exciting life – problem is, Kyle doesn’t believe in ghosts.  In fact, he thinks his mom may be out of her mind, but he keeps it to himself.

But after he meets Kara, the Goth girl of his dreams, he – with the help of his horror geek best friend Byron – stages a fake ghost hunt to win her over.  When it takes a turn into disaster, they’re forced into an unlikely position: faking Kyle’s demonic possession!  Though they hope to quickly end the charade, things get out of control after the arrival of Nick, a suave British demonologist, who sweeps Sam off her feet and takes charge of the situation. Before they know it, Kyle’s “possession” snowballs into a national news story and saves Sam’s show from cancellation.

Can Kyle Bell survive a media onslaught, the Church, high school musical bullies, nosy neighbors, Goth gangs, true love, maternal guilt, and a bit of pure evil? Plus his own exorcism on live TV?  It’s all in KYLE BELL VS THE DEVIL!


MATT SCOTT has made a lot of funny stuff.  HIs most recent original short film, ONCE A LOSER, swept all the categories in the 48 Hour Film Festival, taking home awards for Best Writing, Best Directing, Best Ensemble, Best Score, and the list goes on and on.

ONCE A LOSER from MattScottVideo on Vimeo.

Here is some of Matt Scott’s other shorts:

Cloverfield Parody on YouTube

MARY BIRDSONG is best known as an actress, and can soon be seen playing the much-coveted role of “Kai Mitchell” in Academy Award winning director Alexander Payne’s lastest film “The Descendants,” opposite George Clooney.  Fans can get a sneak peek at Payne’s long-awaited follow-up to Sideways by catching it when it closes the New York Film Festival on October 16th, 2011.  Mary has been entertaining audiences in front of the camera on big and small screens alike (Reno 911, The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart, AdventurelandKillers), and is also no stranger to the stage.

She made her Broadway debut in 2006, and proved that her comedy chops are something to be reckoned with, holding her own next to that legendary comedic chameleon Martin Short.  She wowed the crowds and the critics with her dazzling range of hilarious characters and impressons in his hit musical “Martin Short: Fame Becomes Me!” for which she won a Theatre World Award.   Her most recent theatre turn was as “Mona Ramsey” in the world premiere of Tales of the City (the musical) at A.C.T. in San Francisco.  The show was helmed by the writing/directing team of Jeff Whitty & Jason T. Moore (both of Avenue Q), and featured a musical score by two members of the glam-rock group “The Scissor Sisters” (Jake Shears and John Garden).  The musical tells the story of all the beloved characters featured in Armisted Maupin’s novel of the same name, as well as the PBS mini-series that launched Laura Linney’s career. Birdsong has showcased her impressive  range Off-Broadway, too– playing a variety of moving and hilarious characters opposite Jane Lynch in the hit show “Love, Loss and What I Wore,” (by Nora & Delia Ephron), as Judy Garland in the one-woman show “Judy Speaks,” (which Birdsong wrote), and as porn star Vixen Fox in “Adult Entertainment” (which Elaine May wrote) .

So what’s next?  While Mary continues to get better and better roles in film, television and theater, the new decade has ushered in a new and exciting role for Birdsong—as producer.  Stepping behind the camera (while she continues to entertain in front of it), she is currently developing a reality show with Leopard Films (“Good Vibrations”), a tv series (“The Spirit Seeker”) and an indie rock movie musical (“99 Cent Whore”) which is based on her original character of the same name, and features original songs by Birdsong.

And she’s just getting started.  So watch out for her fastball, because the rumors are true– she DOES throw like a girl.  And once you get hit?  You’ll want to get hit all over again.  And again.  And again… And again…

Inquiries regarding any of the above-mentioned projects may be directed to Stacy Abrams at Abrams Entertainment (323-935-3343).

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