Good Vibrations

Throws Like a Girl Productions is currently working with Marie LaFerrara developing a new reality series called Good Vibrations. Press play to watch the “sizzle reel” below.

“Good Vibrations.”



Her family thinks she’s spoiled.

Her clients?   They think she’s Oprah.

But whatever YOU think of her, there’s one thing everyone can agree on.

She’s got…  Good Vibrations!

A stimulating story about a girl, her dreams, and her mother’s expectations.

Marie Laferrera’s mom always had BIG dreams for her daughters.  Now? One of the LaFerrara girls works in a Catholic school cafeteria.  And Marie?  Well, she sells sex toys.  Marie has always done things one way — HER way.  It’s led to a career and lifestyle that’s both fulfilling and rewarding, but also a major source of “agita” for her bigger than life Long Island italian mother, Mattie.

Good Vibrations brings to life a spectrum of women’s issues in a funny, enlightening and entertaining package.  It scratches the surface of one woman’s struggle* and reveals the humor beneath that struggle– humor that lets us all breathe a sigh of relief and think…
“Thank GOD it’s not just ME!”

*Marie has struggled with everything–  from her weight to her relationships.  From her sexual empowerment to her mother’s constant poking and nagging and pecking and, uh… scratch that.  From her sexual empowerment to her mother’s loving, supportive advice. And really, what woman hasn’t?

Marie isn’t afraid to broach an issue using her own wealth of life experiences and it’s these experiences that get laid bare every day when she goes to work as a passion party hostess who sells marital aids, saves marriages, and has a damn good time doing it.

She can’t guarantee an orgasm, but she can guarantee one thing…  That being yourself?  Is the ultimate satisfaction!

And she’s one woman who’s definitely not faking it.



Marie LaFerrara started her career as a performer in the New York Musical Theatre scene which included stints as The Acid Queen in The Who’s TOMMY National Tour, Off-Broadway’s hit SchoolHouse Rock Live! and various commercials and Industrials to name a few. You may remember her from The Rosie O’Donnell Show as “the girl who can put her fist in her mouth”! Nowadays she uses her talent as a sought after Sexpert and “Long Island Oprah” as she rolls into driveways across New York and the Tristate area each night with sensuous goodies and frank advice to rekindle the relationships of women everywhere. Passion Parties are the Tupperware parties of the new millennium, a place where women can get together to talk, laugh, and swap the secrets of great sex.  Marie is unparalleled in her warmth, humor and class as she helps women one party at a time. Find her at

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