THROWS LIKE A GIRL PRODUCTIONS (TLG®) is a fast-ball of edgy, indie-spirited creativity, packed with the perfect mix of high-brow/low-brow entertainment. The films, tv shows and stage productions that TLG® shapes will be racing toward discerningly “smart-funny” sophisticated audiences, yet also make solid contact with all of those people up to bat in the towns between LA and NYC who “just want a good time and don’t wanna think too much, thank you kindly.” THROWS LIKE A GIRL PRODUCTIONS proves that when done right, you can entertain BOTH teams at the same time. TLG® fosters and nurtures projects that…

— Reclaim the word “entertainment” as the noble and worthwhile art form it once was, like a juicy steak that people didn’t even realize they were hungry for until it appeared on the “specials” list. And without all that annoying gristle (aka “art”) that often gets in the way of a good time.
— Makes feminism in comedy look sexy and coquettish. Soft and aggressive. Dumb and smart. It’s comedy that wears it’s cute little party dress… with her ripped up, skin-tight jeans underneath.
— Revel in productions which are unabashedly and fabulously FAKE. Reality tv has influenced pop culture in some truly interesting ways, but TLG feels compelled to offer a response to all that reality– by glorifying the FAKE. By celebrating the THEATRICAL. By paying homage to the shaky, paper-thin sets of the 70s (used by Monty Python), and also incorporating the “do it yourself” low-fi edge now being offered by a generation of internet savvy comic talent.
— Prove BIG doesn’t necessarily mean better.

TLG® makes it our business to generate and nurture productions in film, television, the internet and the stage which engages the IMAGINATION of it’s audience, and makes NO APOLOGIES for it’s truly PARADIGM-SHIFTING aesthetic, where a boom mic drops into frame… and no one cares.

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