August 20th, 2011

Rare audio from our live reading in NYC!

Below is an out-take of the brilliant Wally Shawn as Kyle’s therapist Dr. Weinstein. Matt Scott had JUST finished the screenplay  (KYLE BELL VS THE DEVIL) upon which the tv series (THE SPIRIT SEEKER) is based.

Below, Mary Birdsong as Kyle’s mom, Samantha Bell- local cable tv ghost hunter!  In this scene, the very tipsy Sam Bell attempts to tell a “ghost-hunting” joke to her romantic interest over one too many drinks.  Guess who played the object of her nether-regions?  Only the dashing and talented  Johnny Ventimiglia–  from The Sopranos!)

Last is a small bit by Katty Biscone as Annabelle- the goth girl who desperately wants to be possessed.

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