March 22nd, 2010

Pics from Kyle Bell vs. The Devil reading

Reminisce with us by looking at some awesome photos of this amazing event.

Wally Shawn, Katty Biscone, and Rachael Harris were some the major talent on hand.

Mary Birdsong (who also co-produced the reading) and Seth Kirshner giving off a Demi/Ashton vibe starring as mother and son Sam and Kyle Bell.

Writer Matt Scott with comedy goddess Andrea Martin.

THE SOPRANOS’ John Ventimiglia as demon hunter/love interest Nick with Katty Biscone, who was hilarious in about 500 different roles.

The view from the readers’ seats.

Comedy hotshot Dave Hill played stoner cameraman Rob.

Sam Bell asks “Anyone here seen Bigfoot?”

Casting queens and reading producers Jodi Collins and Elena Berger celebrate a great night.

Nellie McKay rocks the uke at halftime.

Our “teen” heroes – Jamie Procter as Kara, John Gemberling as Byron, and Seth Kirshner as Kyle Bell.

Hilarious and mercurial Jimmy Palumbo and Tom Bolster brought the house down in multiple roles.

Mary Birdsong and John Ventimiglia made sparks fly as Sam Bell, ghost hunter, and Nick Talbot, demon hunter.

MY BOYS producer/writer Eric Gililland narrated the script and Dave Hill deftly picked his pocket.

RACHAEL GETTING MARRIED’s Mather Zickel grabbed some of the night’s biggest laughs as an overly down-to-earth priest and a musical theatre bully.

Actor Brett Aresco provided endless support to the reading. Gracias, Brett!

Wallace Shawn and Nellie McKay provide superwatt star power.

Seth Kirshner and his screenplay psychiatrist Wallace Shawn.

Pretty ladies Mary Birdsong and Rachael Harris, who played Sam Bell’s take-no-prisoners producer Ellie Stern.

Mary Birdsong not only produced and starred in the evening, she also brought the popcorn!

VENTURE BROS star Mike Sinterniklaas and actress/singer Stacee Mandeville were happy audience members.

Mary Birdsong and writer Matt Scott are coming at ya with KYLE BELL VS THE DEVIL!

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