March 10th, 2010

Mary on “Alternative to Sleeping”

“Alternative to Sleeping” on is the only radio show (east coast) that is devoted entirely to standup/comedy.  Ethan Ullman runs the show and will be playing a lot of 99 Cent Whore songs to help me promote “99 Cent Whore” the rock musical. (Coming soon!)

There are a number of awesome options for listening online. See them after the break.

1. You can listen to the audio feed of it at or you can get linked directly to the feed by going to **from 11:59 pm – 2 am EST, 9 pm – 11 pm PST**
(These bring you to live feeds, so they will only have Ethan on when his show’s actually on.)

2. The show is broadcast as a video feed on where people can both watch and listen live, as well as contribute to a live chat with Ethan. The broadcasts are saved, and are replayed on occasion and after a few days are available as an on-demand option on the site.

3. The final place to hear the show is on iTunes. On the top left, there is a option that says “radio”. By clicking on that, you can get to radio feeds on iTunes. The show will be live on two different iTunes radio feeds, and can be accessed by going to:

iTunes>Radio>Comedy>Comedy Pipe    or   iTunes>Radio>College Radio>WCDB Albany

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